A pioneer scientific approach designed to provide an exquisite natural product for your skin.


+ Restores the balance of humidity in the skin  

+ Comforts dry skin

+ Boosts skin elasticity
+ Soothes and Softens your Skin
+ Relieves Dryness from Sunlight Exposure and

UV radiation (solarium)
+ Nourishes your skin through deep penetration

+ Prevents skin de-hydration

Application For all skin types as it can be used to prevent dehydration from environmental factors and as a hydrating element at night after sunlight exposure. Apply on a clean skin using upstream circular movements with your fingertips starting from neck or chin to face front. 



Dry skin: Apply on face and neck 5-7 drops per use, 2 times per day. Better to be used alone during day and night. 

Normal skin: Apply on face and neck 3-5 drops per use, day and night.

It can replace a hydrating cream at night. If combined with other cream it should be applied 2-3 minutes before cream. Oily skin: Apply on face and neck 2-3 drops per use, day and night. Better to use alone. Recommended night application before sleep.


Olea Europaea fruit oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cosmetic use) and
Pistacia Lentiscus (Chios Mastic Oil) are selected from Hellenic Earth.

The synergy of both elements forms a unique cosmetic oil with no chemical additives and preservatives for all ages from 3 years old +, as it is well known that both nutrients are scientifically proved for their antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, making Agir Plus + a naturally effective cosmetic hydrating product.


Agir Plus + is the end product of many years patented* molecular R&D research program on Olive Oil

  • Τo provide a bio-enhanced natural oil with concentrated Omega fatty acids (Ω3, Ω6, Ω7 and Ω9), polyphenols (Oleuropein and Oleocanthal), Vitamins E+ K and trace elements (Fe, Ca, Na+, K+

  • Formulating an ideal solution for maximum hydration and deep penetration bringing your skin back to life.


*Patent no I.P.O. Hellas: GR 1008334